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Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Peerless Metal Products are four-slide
metal stamping specialists. Services include secondary assemblies,
tapping, riveting, spot welding, welding, deburring, and forming.
Innovator of the PEERLESS PREDATOR

Peerless Metal Products
6017 Superior Ave. | Cleveland, OH   44103

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PEERLESS Metal Stampings, FourSlide Machines

Peerless Metal Products contains a number of different fourslide machines, punch presses, and equipment for secondary operations and sub-assemblies. Additionally, we maintain a complete in-house tool room capable of designing and manufacturing progressive dies and fourslide tooling.

Our facility has seven punch presses in a range of sizes to meet a variety of different stamping needs. Press sizes include 75-ton, 60-ton, 35-ton, 27-ton, and 22-ton. We have experience working with a variety of metals in many different sizes, with material thicknesses in the range of .0015” to .25” and material width in the range of .012” to 2.25”.

We have worked with the
following alloys:

· High Carbon Steel
· Cold Rolled Steel
· Hot Rolled Steel
· Spring Steel
· Stainless Steel
· Galvanized Steel
· Copper
· Brass
· Aluminum
· Wire

If you require outside vendors for your product(s), we also works with a number of approved suppliers for outsourced processes, such as heat treating and electroplating operations.

Peerless Metal Products offers a range of metal forming and stamping capabilities using fourslide and punch press machines. We produce parts for many different customers in both automotive and non-automotive industries.

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Whether or not you are looking for a one-time, short production runs of 10,000 pieces or less, or require long-term runs on the order of millions of parts, Peerless Metal Products is the company for you.

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